dog ear cleaner

Yuk Is That Your Dog That Smells So awful?

Oops! Is this a phrase you are hearing when people enter your home? Well don’t feel too embarrassed because there are tons of dog owners that are experiencing the very same thing that you are. First you may be surprised to determine that the nasty odor is coming from your canine friend’s ears and no its not life threatening. What it is though is most problem built up dirt and wax in the ears and is a big indicator it is time for a dog ear wash.

Over time the build up of matter such as wax that almost acts like a magnet for extra debris creates a smell. One thing you need to be sure of is that it is not a odor being created by an ear infection. In those cases a trip to the vet is the best advice.

There are several frustrations that come with type of ear problem that the majority of dogs end up with in varying degrees and frequency. The first one is that often you no sooner seem to get it cleared up where you and the dog are feeling great about your achievements then before you know it that faint familiar smell is returning again.

Another frustration is that this type of dog ear condition becomes so aggravating in such a short period of time it really does affect the happiness of your pooch.  While the wax and debris is not detrimental it’s the dog’s reaction to it that can lead to bigger problems, like the head shaking, rubbing and scratching. Also you may not realize it but a dog’s smell is far more acute than yours. So can you just imagine how annoying the smell of the ears must be to him especially when he is so close to it?

Another contributor to the smelly dog ears is that many breeds have a lot of hair in their ears so any wax drainage gets trapped on these and contributes to the build up. Fortunately a good ear wash will work wonders on softening this wax up that tends to become somewhat hard depending on the amount accumulated. You may be thinking that dog ear wax is something that is just a plain nuisance and not a necessary commodity for the dog. In fact though it does play an important role in the dog’s health by providing a natural protection against infection and acts as a buffer against loud noises that could be damaging to the dog’s hearing. Usually the normal ear wax coloring for dog ears is a yellow/brown.

So when it comes to getting rid of the dog ear odor you want to use a dog ear cleaner that is going to be effective but not over bearing. You also want one that you can use as a maintenance but not have to use it so often that it is going to strip out the natural supply of dog ear wax that is needed.