Tire showing wear in its sidewall (down to the...

Tire showing wear in its sidewall (down to the cords) due to severe under inflation. Mounted on a utility trailer wheel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know that women can do just about anything that they set their minds to. When it comes to their vehicles however, many ladies are a little intimidated about these amazing modes of transportation. They are very astute at keeping up with the repairs and maintenance but unfortunately this all comes at a cost where a lot of guys will do some of the basics themselves and save a few bucks. A good example of this is using a tire air pressure gauge to ensure that the car tires are at peak performance.


As woman we can continue to rely on a vehicle service man to check the tires when we take the car in for its tuneups and inspections. Ideally though checking the tires is really an easy task to do if you have the right instrument just like our Life-PlicityTire Air Pressure Gauge, and is something you should learn.


This video will show you just how easy it is to do. The question is why should you take on this task when as said it is already being looked after.


The problem is tires don’t just lose their air at the appropriate times like just before the car is going in for inspection. It can happen quickly if there happens to be a slow leak, or it can just happen through the use of the vehicle over a period of time.


Almost every woman dreads going out to her vehicle to see a tire that just doesn’t look right and seems to be going soft. Now she begins to second guess as to whether there is a real problem or not. Should she take a chance and drive it anyway, just long enough to get home? This could be detrimental. Statistics have shown that a tire with low air pressure could cause loss of control of the vehicle and create a car accident. Then this sort of low air condition is not good for the tire itself.


This does not have to be a situation that you find yourself in in respect to not knowing what to do. With the Life-Plicity Tire Air Pressure Gauge you could quickly check the air pressure and then you know for sure that you have to take action. The next step is deciding what type of action is necessary.


First though you need to know what is the appropriate air pressure for the tires on your vehicle? You can easily find this information out. Hopefully you have the owner’s manual in the glove box of your car. If so, then you will find this information in there. If not, don’t despair because if you look around the vehicle carefully you may see a sticker with some important information on it, which includes the optimum pressure for your tires. This may be found near the edge of the door of your car, or on the enclosure of the glove box, or even on the inside flap of your fuel cover. Before you check these areas though take a close look at the tire itself because most likely the recommended pressure is right on there.


Just as a side issue while you are giving some thought here as to your road safety concerning your tires, you may have discovered that this tire gauge also has some additional tools attached to it. These are all valuable mini tools that could actually be a life saver. Specifically the glass breaker and the seat belt cutter.


Okay, so you know what the tire air pressure should be, you have used our Life-Plicity Tire Air Pressure tool and have discovered that the pressure is low. Now take a look at this video to learn how to add air to your tire to get you safely back on the road again.