Do your tire safety checks on a regular basis paying particular attention to your tire pressure

There are several vehicle safety checks that as drivers we should be carrying out as a routine.  Below is the minimum that we should consider.  You will note that I have sourced information pertaining especialy to the state of our tires.

 5 Tips for Tire Maintenance and Safety 

1. Check the air pressure of your tires at least once a month.

Consistently checking your tire air pressure could not only extend the life of your tires, but could also save your own!

“Over time, low air pressure not only reduces fuel consumption efficiency, it will reduce the life of the tire,” said Vernon’s Town Fair Tire Manager Brian Mooney. “And if it runs too low, the tire could overheat and blow.”  Read more  at source of article.

Check car tire tread wear to ensure safety when tires near their mileage limit; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free car-maintenance video. Expert…


The importance of regular tire checks is plain to see.  With a little bit of effort you are ensuring the safety of your passengers and other road users, saving money on fuel and saving money on tire replacement.