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Pet supplements can support the health of our furry friends well into their senior years. To maintain quality of life through pet supplements as a dog’s age advances, its caregiver would do well to look for a pet supplements formulation that maintains good skin, coat and joint health and boosts his dog’s energy to more youthful levels. With the right pet supplements product, that dog will remain engaged in the regular exercise and play activities that keep the mind and body sharp. Certainly, high quality nutrition plays a vital role in the health of a senior dog, but there’s no question that certain body processes slow down as the dog ages. Pet supplements support the functionality of these body systems.

What ingredients should the caregiver to an elderly dog look for in a pet supplements product? The natural aging process particularly affects eyesight, joints, and liver and skin and coat health. Some dogs also develop food allergies. Therefore, the most effective pet supplements formulation will include ingredients that address eye, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and digestive tract issues.

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 Senior pet supplements products should contain beta-carotene, which supports eye function and reduces the likelihood of cataracts. This Vitamin A precursor also supports skin, mucous membrane and immune system health, attacks free radicals and carcinogens and keeps the cardiovascular system functioning at its best. The addition of the amino acid L methionine to pet supplements assists in cataract prevention; Vitamin B complex in pet supplements also keeps eyes healthy.

Good pet supplements address the development of arthritis and other musculoskeletal issues in the senior dog. Pet supplements ingredients such as alfalfa, cat’s claw (also known as una de gato), pine bark, and minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc act as anti-inflammatory agents, support skeleton and muscle growth and relieve the symptoms and degeneration associated with arthritis.

Inclusion of amino acids, alfalfa, beta carotene, cat’s claw, evening primrose oil, iron, pine bark, potassium and the B complex vitamins in a pet supplements formulation keeps skin and coat strong and healthy, reduces allergic response and strengthens the immune system and mucous membranes against invasion by allergens and environmental toxins. Less allergen- and toxin-related stress on the body means more energy for fun-filled physical activity!

Pet supplements also contain ingredients that support cardiovascular health. Blue green algae, paddle dried chicken liver, copper, iron, evening primrose oil, magnesium, potassium, selenium, B complex vitamins and zinc in pet supplements aid in development of healthy red blood cells, proper heart and liver function and maintenance of low blood pressure levels.

Of course, high quality nutrition and pet supplements products can do no good if they cannot be digested properly. Caregivers should look for pet supplements that contain alpha amylase, essential amino acids, cat’s claw, and the B complex vitamins, which cleanse and support the digestive tract.

You and your dog will enjoy many wonderful years of companionship by supplementing your dog’s diet with the very best in pet supplements. All it takes is a little time and research.


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