"Question War"

“Question War” (Photo credit: Toban B.)

Everybody loves to think they are getting a real bargain and when it comes to online shopping deals and there are plenty of them available. To truly realize whether you are getting a great bargain in respect to your online shopping you have to have a real understanding as to what a deal is.
To most of us we perceive a deal as receiving something higher in value or performance compared to what we paid for it. This is quite true but sometimes our perception of the deal can be somewhat mislead.

Let’s take for an example a good deal on a car. You are looking to buy a new one and you have come across an amazing deal. It is a lot cheaper than some other vehicles you have been looking at. The difference in the sums of money is usually what grabs our attention. However we really need to ask some questions….
Why is the price so low compared to the others?

This should be the first question that comes to mind which is going to be your trigger for surfacing further questions, that based on the answers to will determine if it really is going to be a good opportunity to save some money. These are questions that you should determine the answers to for online shopping deals no matter what type of site you are doing business with.
Are there hidden costs involved?

Hidden costs can sometimes come by hidden warranties. It may be that the equipment or item you are purchasing no longer has a good warranty with it, and for your protection you are going to need to purchase some additional coverage. This should give you a heads up to look closer at just what age the item is, and is it a refurbished item that showed somewhere in the fine print and you just didn’t catch it?

Are the interest rates going to be much higher?
Many times when people are looking for big ticket items and they may not qualify for low interest rates. So yes they may be getting the item cheaper but it is going to cost as much or more in the long run then those of a higher price.

How is the seller able to offer it at this great price?

Depending on the item you are buying you really need to determine just how can the seller offer this great price? It could be that it is a large mark up item, and the seller is willing to take less profit just to make the sale. This is a direct question you should ask the seller.

Why is the seller offering it at this great price?

Another great question that really helps to give you some insight as to the intentions of the seller. He may be taking a big cut on this item and offering it as a promotion hoping to upsell you on a more expensive item. It could be that he needs to move these items out to make room for inventory. Or it could be that the item is soon to become obsolete and will be replaced with a newer version.

Once you have the answers to these basic questions for online shopping deals then you need to determine if it is worth it and do you still feel like you are getting a good deal.
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