We all know the importance of maintaining correct tire pressures but how do we inflate tires?

There are several alternatives that should be considered.  Most gas station forecourts have a compressor that you can use to inflate your tires.  The other alternative is to use a manual pump or a compressor that can be used from home.  I personally find this method far easier especially if used in conjunction with a reliable tire pressure gauge.

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Lets take a look at how to carry out the task of inflating tires.  The video below shows a mechanic using a compressor in a workshop environment, but the principle is exactly the same if you have a home compressor.

As you can see the process is pretty straight forward.  Remember there is always a first time and initially it will feel awkward applying the nozzle to the valve as air may escape, this is normal and with practice you will get more proficient.

Common sense tells us that our tires should be checked and maintained as routine.  The article below has some great advise about the importance o inflating and maintaining tires.  Some vehicles have an on board computer that will warn you if your tires are low, it is worth noting that this warning will only kick in when levels are unacceptable.

Here are a couple of other pointers:

– Inflate tires when they’re cold, not hot. Do it first thing in the morning.

– And how much air do they need? That’s on a sticker, usually located in a door jamb. The number on the side of the tire is not the proper pressure. That number is a maximum level.

“If you over inflate your tires, which some people think that’s an advantage — actually it’s a disadvantage because it’s going to wear much faster,” said Johnson.

And don’t just wait for the low-tire warning light to go on. That means one tire is dangerously low. Check them regularly and you’ll be better off.

“And I don’t think anybody really looks forward to buying new tires, so we want to make sure that you get the best life possible out of your tires,”

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Take time to learn how to inflate tires it will save life and save money and you will be safer all round when travelling. How many of you take the task of inflating your tires and maintaining correct pressures seriously?  When was the last tie you checked your tires?  A lot of us are guilty of leaving the small inconvenience too long and end up buying new tires on a regular basis.