How To Encourage Your Teen To Drive Safe.

It seems to be the same all over the world.  Our teens pass their driving test and are suddenly filled with so much confidence that they go out for the first time and have a bump!  It might not happen first time out but certainly statistics show a very high percent of youngsters will crash within the first year of driving.  So how can we further encourage our kids to drive safe?

Take a look at the information below and follow some of these popular teachings.

Many teenagers have been arrested for traffic violations. These teens were arrested for various reasons: some were unaware of the traffic laws; others got behind the wheel without a license; while others didn’t understand the importance of driving safely. Aside from teen arrests, teenage drivers also account for more vehicular accidents than any other age group. Article source ..

The video is made by teenagers for teenagers.  There are some drive safe tips that will really get through I hope!

tips for teen driving

what NOT to do while driving.

Most times the boys are familiar with car maintenance and this should be encouraged.  There are basic car maintenance tips that should be carried out by every driver.  This not only ensures the safety of yourself and your passengers but it also enables you to drive safe.  Tires are our main concern and one of the basic principles of driving is knowing how to look after your tires and keep your levels correct.

Here is a good source for basic car maintenace tips that was put together for women but lets face it it effects all drivers

Women’s Guide To Basic Car Maintenance: 4 Easy Tips | The

Thankfully, there are simple car maintenance tips for women which are easily comprehensible, especially for ladies who are unfamiliar with complicated auto machinery. Here are a few of the most basic car maintenance tips


By making sure that every newly qualified driver is encouraged to follow simple rules and to carry out basic car maintenance you are setting up drive safe techniques for life.