addison disease in dogs7How to Clean Dogs Ears Without a Fight

When your dog’s ears become bothered just like us humans it really becomes irritating. It doesn’t matter whether they are sore or itchy, it is something that causes them to be unsettled. When dirt and wax begin to build up in the ears they naturally try to handle the problem themselves by scratching and rubbing them so they soon go from being mildly itchy to sore because of their treatment attempts. At this point you now have to know how to clean the dogs ears without a fight.

One thing to remember is that no matter which breed type of dog you have there will most likely always come a time where you will have to clean its ears. Before you end up having to do this because of a problem your canine friend is having, get him used to having his ears cleaned while they are in a healthy state.

By doing this you are not having to deal with an animal that is already in discomfort who is going to fight the process for that reason. You really don’t want to be cleaning the ears if the dog is fighting you because you could end up damaging the ear.

A good time to get him used to having his ears touched and cleaned is during your obedience training sessions. Start by just handling each of the dog’s ear by turning the flap back. You can gently groom the inside of the ear during this time by brushing the inner and outer flap of the ear so he gets used to having foreign objects like the brush or comb around this area of his head. Make sure that you do not pull or tug on fur that may be matted as this will create discomfort. If you create an unpleasant experience now then you are going to have a real challenge on your hands when it is ear cleaning time no matter whether he is in discomfort or not.

Remember while you are going through this exercise to ensure that your dog is remaining calm and quiet and following your instructions. You don’t want him to form any bad habits at this stage because you definitely will not be able to deal with him during a real needed ear cleaning time. Follow up with a reward after these exercises as well as after a valid ear cleaning. This way he will relate the treat to this procedure.

You may even find that a very good dog that has been trained to have his ears attended to will begin to resist the cleaning after your first attempt at this when he is having a ear problem. The ears are very sensitive at this time and of course touching them in any way is going to create some discomfort. You could be compounding the problem of resistance because the dog ear cleaner you are using is too strong or contains harsh ingredients that burn or sting when they come into contact with inflamed sections of the ear.

Although your dog hasn’t got to the point where he has a full blown out ear infection as yet, he is at risk for it from the constant scratching that he may do. This can create little tears in the skin of the ear which now makes the pooch susceptible to an infection.

Prevention of dirt and wax build up is really going to go a long way in having to do a more aggressive cleaning treatment. Using a dog ear cleaner product that is gentle but effective for both treatment and prevention will be your best solution.