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What Are Ear Mites And Will Using a Dog Ear Cleaner Keep Them Away?

We all know that our pets require good food and health maintenance to keep them away from the vets.  When it comes to our dogs ears one of the most common complaints is an ear infection which might have come about because your dog has ear mites.   Can using a good dog ear cleaner help prevent this occurring, and what are ear mites?

Ear mites are commonly passed on from dog to dog. It is quite easy to detect ear mites as this article suggests…

Preventing and Treating Ear Mites | The Dogington Post

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Preventing ear mites is a common doggy issue we all must stay on top of. The good news is detecting the presence of ear mites is easy and does not require you have a vet degree or be a brain surgeon. Like so many of the 

The good news then is yes by using a good ear cleaner on a regular basis you can definitely help keep the balance of your dogs ear canal healthy so mites would find the host hard to populate.

Take a look at the video below, it is uncomfortable viewing but it certainly shows the importance of cleaning and checking your dogs ears on a regular basis…

Ear Mite with Video otoscope

video otoscope.

…heres another, this time in a cat but I think you get the idea, yuk!

Ear Mites

Live Ear Mites in a cats ear during a routine veterinary examination with a video otoscope.


If your dogs ears look fairly healthy and you havent noticed any head shaking or rubbing of the ears then chances are your dog is free of ear mites.  If you want to keep them that way then using a natural and gentle dog ear cleanser solution such as Pet-Plicity dog ear cleaner. will help.  Use the solution on a regular basis because as mentioned mites would find a clean ear canal un inviting and hard to populate.  If you suspect your dog has ear mites and you have tried some of the natural remedies and you still dont clear them, then a trip to the vet might be in order where they will prescribe a solution.  Remember after treatment that prevention is better than cure and you should clean your dogs ears often.

Please feel free to share some of your own experiences, has your pet suffered from ear mites?