danger of low tire pressureFor anyone that drives a vehicle they know that there is a certain amount of maintenance that has got to be conducted on their vehicle. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, they all have a certain amount of demands. For most of us we pay close attention to those that jeprodise our safety if not kept up to par. One that we tend to forget about is our tire pressure.

Tire pressure is not something that we consider a priority to check particularly if we have recently bought a new vehicle, or had new tyres installed. We just assume that we will know when the pressure is low by seeing that the tire has become flat, or experience a flat tire when we are out and about which is not a very pleasant thing to happen.

Many people really question as to whether car accidents can really occur as a low pressure tire. The best way to answer that question is just take a look at the news past and present. A few years ago there was a very tragic accident that cost a life, and that was only one of many.

“Low Tire Pressure May Have Caused Fatal Accident

One man was killed Friday morning on I-15 near Apex as he drove to work. Authorities believe a faulty tire is to blame.

The driver of the Nissan Pathfinder lost control, and the vehicle rolled over. The passenger in the vehicle was killed while the driver was taken to UMC with minor injuries. Both of the men in the car were wearing their seat belts, but the mostly likely cause according to state troopers was tire tread separation…”read more


Looking at the potential dangers from another perspective is not only keeping your tire pressure up to standards critical for your safety but for the safety of others. Aside from personal harm there are other potential repercussions like legal liability. A good example is covered in the following news article….

“Fatal crash driver: 2 months in jail  

Guilty of reckless driving in death of motorcyclist, 67-year-old Tappahannock man files appeal

James Warren Cox, the 67-year-old Tappahannock man whose out-of-control 1967 Austin Healey convertible crashed head-on into a group of motorcyclists on a sunny Sunday last fall in Sperryville, killing one and injuring several more, was found guilty Tuesday (April 16) of reckless driving in Rappahannock County General District Court…..

….. After checking the three tires – which Domingoes said he did not do at the scene – Robeson said he found the pressure in the driver’s side rear tire to be so low (below 10 psi) that it wouldn’t even register on the gauge. This lack of pressure, Robeson said, would have had a considerable impact on Cox’s ability to maintain control of the car….read more

In this particular accident it appears as though the driver lost control of his vehicle. While it was definitely not said that this was caused by low tire pressure you can see that one of the tyres when checked was found to be extremely low and indicated that this would make it very difficult to maintain control of the vehicle.

So these are just two examples that really should make us think about being on top of checking our tire pressure. Fortunately this is an easy thing to do. It only takes having the proper device which is inexpensive. Here is one that you really will be impressed with, plus it has other built in safety security devices that you really should have.

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