Basic Dog care Starts in Puppyhood

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When we first bring home a puppy we are so in awe and to be honest sometimes the last thing on our agenda is to start having to groom him, clean his ears and brush his teeth.  If only we could see the importance of basic dog care at this early age it would save us years of frustration.  Getting the right pet products can also be a conundrum!

There is nothing worse than an older dog resisting being groomed.  Ask any experienced dog groomer and they have all got a horror story to tell you.  Ask them how many dogs they know that are so scared of being washed and groomed that they actually bite the groomer!

How can we avoid this horrible scenario for both the groomer and the dog?  Well we must start as we mean to go on and introduce puppy to a comb, brush, clippers if neccesary, scissors tooth brush, nail clippers and of course having their ears cleaned. Make the whole procedure good fun at an early age and they will soon settle down and realise that actually being bathed and groomed can be pleasant. Lets have a look at some areas of basic dog care.

Care For Your Dog’s Eye and Ear Health –

Article source

Eye Health Maintenance. For most dogs there is no maintenance required when it comes to eyes. However, some breeds have shallow eye sockets. This leads to excess tears being drained off the face rather than through the 

I like this article because it mentions how keeping a dogs eyes and ears clean can actually prevent infection and other problems.  Basic dog care should also include teeth. This is a great article on how…

Puppy Teeth Cleaning – Is it Necessary? | Dog Breeds and Training

Article source

Dog teeth cleaning should be something which is done regularly as a part of your pet care routine. If possible, your dog’s teeth should be brushed daily, or least every other day. Dogs are just as susceptible as we are to tooth 

…and this great video covers this area too

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth (Canine Dental) – VetVid Episode 007

Brushing your dog’s teeth may actually prevent some serious canine health problems. In this video we learn the proper technique for brushing your dog’s teeth…


You will see by looking at some of the information I have sourced that basic dog care can become easy.  Remember how important it is to start when you first bring puppy home.  The key of course is to make the whole experience really enjoyable. We will always advocate that you should use gentle, natural products that will not sting the delicate areas of a dogs anatomy, this is why we are so proud of Pet-Plicity.

One word of warning.  Wait until puppy has his adult teeth before introducing a tooth brush on a regular basis.  The whole teething process can be very painful and you could ‘turn’ your puppy if you hurt him.

Be sure to share your own experiences with basic dog care tips.